Regional Offices


Regional Offices Functions

    Objective To recruit qualified personnel for Regional Secretariats and Local Government Authorities, Executive Agencies and other Public Institutions in the region. The Regional Offices perform the following activities:-

  • Receive, analyze and coordinate employment requirements in the Regional Secretariats, Local Government Authorities and other Public Institutions within the Regions;
  • Prepare advertisements and liaise with credible public media;
  • Facilitate the shortlisting of applicants;
  • Organize interview panels and interviews;
  • Provide advice to employers on various matters related to recruitment;
  • Summarize interview results and advise employers accordingly;
  • Notify those who have not been shortlisted and have been unsuccessful in the interview;
  • Coordinate orientation and induction of new public service entrants in collaboration with the Examinations and Inductions Unit;
  • Provide troubleshooting services to the regional offices;
  • Facilitate e-Government and e-Business operation;
  • Provide inputs in the development of data sharing policy in the Secretariat;
  • Manage Regional Office IT system;
  • Undertake studies and propose areas of using IT as an instrument to improve service delivery in the Regional Offices;
  • Update information in the database;
  • Modify database structures as recommended by application; and
  • Manage MIS service contracts in the region.