Quality Control

Quality Control Division


To provide expertise on examinations and verifications of applicants certificates and information to the Secretariat

The functions of the Division

  • Advice the management on matters pertaining to quality assurance and control to applicants to be recruited
  • Coordinate Orientation and Induction of new Public Service entrants in collaboration with Employers;
  • Coordinate preparation of examinations for job applicants;
  • Liaise with stakeholders on the authenticity of applicants certificates and information;
  • Maintain and update database of interview questions and examinations.
  • Conduct research concerning activities of the Division

This Division will be led by a Deputy Secretary and will have two Sections as shown hereunder:-

  • Verification Section; and
  • Examination Section

Verification Section

  • Conduct research concerning the division’s activities.
  • Liaise with various Public Service Institutions concerning the authenticity and legality of interviewees’ certificates
  • Liaise with Defense and Security Organs (Police, Immigration and Prison) for verifying background of the applicants.
  • Conduct reference check for all job applicants (senior and junior positions)
  • Liaise with GSO on vetting issues when need arise
  • Advise various authorities (colleges, Institutions, Universities) on security features of their certificates awarded
  • Advise employers on verification issues
  • Maintain and manage database of applicants with forged certificates
  • Maintain and manage database of applicants who have lost their certificates
  • Initiate initial measures for applicants who have cheated on the process
  • Verify the qualification of shortlisted applicants as per advertisement.
  • Liaise with employers on conducting induction and orientation course and vetting to the prospective employees placed by PSRS.
  • Prepare reports concerning the section activities

This Section will be led by Principal Administrative/Human Resource Officer

Examination Section

  • Initiate, plan and advise on new methods of testing candidates.
  • Formulate and review examinations regulations.
  • Prepare interview questions for job applicants
  • Supervise written, oral and practical interviews
  • Supervise and conduct marking for written exams
  • Prepare written and practical examination venues
  • Maintain and update database for practical and written examinations results
  • Maintain and update database for written, oral and practical questions.
  • Search and vett credible and qualified Public Servant for marking exams.
  • Search for various professionals to assist PSRS on interview questions preparation.
  • Search for various Professional to assist PSRS to supervise written and practical exams.
  • Deals with complains on issues regarding written and practical interviews.
  • Ensure maximum security of examinations.
  • Provide advisory services to employers concerning examination issues.

This Section will be led by Principal Education Officer