Information & Communication Technologies – ICT


To establish, maintain and update a database for graduates and professionals with special skills.

The functions of the Unit are:-

  1. Acquire/develop, maintain and update software system;
  2. Establish and maintain LAN and WAN;
  3. Provide trouble-shooting services to the Secretariat;
  4. Design and enforce system security;
  5. Facilitate e-Government and e-Business operation;
  6. Develop data sharing policy in the Secretariat;
  7. Manage IT system;
  8. Pioneer the introduction of modern technologies in line with technological development; and
  9. Manage and review MIS Specifications and Service Contracts.
  10. Collect information on graduates from institutions of higher learning and professional institutions;
  11. Update the status of graduates in employment and professionalism;
  12. Contact employers in order to get information on professionals and sub professionals;
  13. Undertake studies and propose areas of using IT as an instrument to improve service delivery in the Secretariat;
  14. Install and upgrade the database servers and application tools;
  15. Allocate system storage and planning for future storage requirements for the database systems;
  16. Create primary database storage structures (table space) for different designed applications;
  17. Modify database structures as recommended by application; and
  18. Coordinate linkage of Regional Databases.