Government Communication


To provide to the office expertise and service in Information, Communication and dialogue with Government Institutions, the Public, job seekers (applicants) and the Media.

The functions of the Unit are:-

  1. Produce and disseminate documents such as brochures, articles, newsletters etc. to inform the Public on Policies, Programmes, activities and Reforms undertaken by the Recruitment Secretariat;
  2. Coordinate press briefings;
  3. Promote Offices activities, programmes and policies;
  4. Coordinate preparation of various papers for workshops and conferences;
  5. Coordinate preparation and production of articles in newspapers
  6. Up-date information on the website;
  7. Advise Divisions and Units on the production of various documents and articles;
  8. Prepare and implement communication strategy for the Office; and
  9. Act as a help desk for job applicants.