Administration & Human Resources Management


Administration Section

(i)The activities of the Section are:

(ii)Interpret and ensure adherence to Public Service Regulations, Standing Orders and other Labour laws;

(iii)Facilitate employee relations and welfare including health, safety, sports and culture;

(iv)Provide registry, messengerial and courier services; and manage office records;

(v)Handle all protocol matters;

(vii)Facilitate provision of security services, transport and general utilities;

(viii)Facilitate general custodian services to include maintenance of office equipment, buildings and grounds;

(ix)Coordinate implementation of ethics and value promotion activities including prevention of corrupt practices;

(x)Implement diversity issues including gender, disability and HIV/AIDS etc and be the Secretariat’s Gender Focal Point;

(xi)Coordinate implementation of private sector participation in the Secretariat;

(xii)Coordinate the preparation and implementation of the Wage Bill of the Secretariat and Recurrent Budget for the Administration Division;

(xiii)Coordinate implementation of Business Process Improvement in the Secretariat;

(xiv)Advise on organizational efficiency of the Secretariat; and

(xv)Coordinate implementation of Client Service Charter in the Secretariat

Human Resource Section

The activities of the Section are:-

(i) Coordinate staff recruitments, selections, placements, confirmations, promotions and transfers for the Secretariat;

(ii) Carry out human resources planning to determine supply and demand for professionals under the Secretariat;

(iii) Administer salaries and process payrolls;

(iv) Coordinate implementation of Open Performance Review and Appraisal System (OPRAS), assess the appraisal results; prepare implementation reports; and make follow-ups on the implementation of the recommendations on individual OPRAS forms;

(v) Process and update records of various leaves of absence;

(vi) Oversee employee’s benefits (pension, allowances etc) and entitlements;

(vii) Prepare Annual Personnel Emolument Estimates;

(viii) Oversee services related to separation from the service (retirement, resignation, etc);

(ix) Prepare and facilitate implementation of succession plans; and

(x) Facilitate orientation/induction programs for new entrants in the service;

(xi) Carry out training needs assessment for the Secretariat and prepare training programs;

(xii) Facilitate Human Resource training and career development (professional development, performance improvement, pre-retirement, part-time, and overseas) for the Secretariat; (xiii) Facilitate human resource development (training, coaching, mentoring, and job rotation);

(xiv) Monitor and evaluate implementation of institutional training programs; and prepare training reports;

(xv) Carry out impact assessment of the training programs and prepare assessment reports;

(xvi) Carry out assessment of professional requirements for the institution; develop and implement staff development plans;

(xvii) Initiate and co-ordinate in-house courses and on the job training;

(xviii) Maintain training records;

(xix) Provide information, clarifications and briefings on human resources and training matters; and

(xx) Serve as a Secretariat support to the Appointment Committee; and Training and Professional Development Committee to be formed in the Secretariat.